FluorideHealth Alert #1

How did it all begin? Why doesn't your doctor know about the health hazards of ingested fluoride?

Thank you for your interest in this very important health matter. With increased knowlege, we all can make better decisions. We encourage you to create a file for these updates for future reference and please send them onto friends, as well.

Lee Hitchcox, D.C, author of Long Life Now gives us some important clues as to why the medical associations and doctors cannot find any authentic information about fluoride and, therefore, why they won't speak out. Here's what he says on page 237:

Most studies on fluoridation find fluoride to be safe and effective. This is not surprising since most funding for fluoride research originates with the Public Health Service, an organization officially mandated to promote fluoride. This conflict of interest is somehow overlooked by pro-fluoridationists."

As reported to us through the declassified government documents in David Browers' Earth Island Journal, Spring 1998, p. 38, in the 1920's, the Public Health Service was under the juristiction of Andrew W. Mellon, founder and major stockholder of ALCOA aluminum. His company and DuPont, along with the U.S. Manhattan Project were to be the brunt of lawsuits in the mid 1940's for releasing fluoride wastes into the environment--thus making people sick, killing crops and poultry, crippling animals, impairing forests and more.

Please read Griffiths, Joel. Fluoride: Industry's Toxic Coup.
for details on who shaped the Public Health Department's policy to fluoridate water. The Center for Disease Control is a part of the Public Health Department also known as Health and Human Services. To this day, they support fluoridation and advise medical associations and doctors accordingly.

It was mandatory for the growth of the nuclear and the industrial ages, that the American people be sold on the belief that fluoride was safe enough to be ingested. Studies were deliberately falsified to purport the benefits of fluoride, according Griffiths.

Very important to read:
Griffiths, Joel and Bryson, Chris. Fluoride, Teeth and the A-bomb.

For further information, please explore the following:

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