Fluoride Health Alert #10

Catch Up

Hello! We have sent you nine previous fluoride health alerts covering--

#1: How it all began
#2: Thyroid, green tea and fluoride
#3: Cipro: the highly toxic fluoride-based drug recommended by the CDC for anthrax
#4: Water additives and supplements have never been approved by FDA
#5: It's in our food, our wine our beer
#6: F- is added to over 150 pesticides--it is not inert
#7: Dental Board of CA disbanded by legislature
#8: Your immediate action needed (Governor: Please appoint Do. David Kennedy to the new dental board)
#9: Does ingested f- reduce cavities? Charts from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and other countries

Are you missing any of these? Do you have a friend who wants to receive them? If so, please e.mail us back. We will continue to bring you up-to-date information which hopefully will lead to an about face on the practice of adding environmental toxins to our water. More and more this information will be blended with a call to action which is why many of you signed up. In the coming months, your participation will be much needed. Without it, some politicians will continue to believe that no one cares about reversing the trend. Industrial polluters are creating fluoride wastes daily in ever increasing amounts and need a place to dump it, and preferably get paid for it. So you will hear increased assumptions that, of course, you will want this chemical in your water. (Please see FHAlert #1) Although they ship some of it to third world countries to dump it (why do they hate us?) Cargill's preference would be to continue to sell it to our cities.

In the meantime we continue to communicate with Palo Alto council members Kleinberg, Freeman, Kishimoto, and Lytle calling for a review of this matter. Burch's position it not known. Please send them a quick e.mail and tell them you appreciate their open mindedness in the matter of fluoridation. You believe strongly in the right of each person to CHOOSE for themselves what substances they ingest. With fluoridation, choice is taken away from everyone! Their e.mails are:

Bcc: hillary@hillaryfreeman.org, ykishimoto@earthlink.net, judykleinberg@earthlink.net, nancylytle@att.net, jimburch@earthlink.net,

Water, one of our most precious resources, deserves to be free of corporate wastes and all chemicals unless needed to make the water safe. This is an important precurser to our good health. As you may know, tiny amounts of aluminum compounds which are added to water to clarify it, bond with the ever-hungry f- ion and have been found to cause lesions in rat brains like those identified with Alzheimer's disease. (Varner et al, Brain Research 784 pp. 284-298, l998)

With 62% of our country's population now living in fluoridated communties, is it wise to continue this experiment on human beings?

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