Fluoride Health Alert #12

CA state mandate to fluoridate.

In 1995 with the passage of AB733, all California cities with 10,000 or more hook ups were mandated to add fluoride to their water supplies, if an outside source was available for funding. The bill was sponsored by Willie Brown and Jackie Speier.

When it came time for a decision regarding whether or not to implement AB733, Council members in the City of Escondido took a step which the State legislature had foregone. Logic made them question the science used to support the bill. Given the source of fluoride, which is mainly from toxic chemical air scrubbers from Cargill Fertilizer's plant in Florida, the council voted to have the science reviewed at Senes-Oak Ridge, an independent highly qualified lab in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Here is a one page summary which shows the science to be seriously flawed.

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Palo Alto and all other charter cities can chart their own path on this one. We do not have to conform to the state mandate, especially considering the known health problems with fluoridation at 1ppm.

Please check Wednesday's Palo Alto Weekly (3/20) on page 24. Suzanne Keehn has written her story about how the presence of fluoride in Palo Alto's water has affected her family. There are many people in Palo Alto whose health has been derailed by ingested fluoride and these neighbors deserve support! Thank you Suzanne for coming forward. The corrected date in her letter should read, "Since 1999 a group of concerned citizens..."

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