Fluoride Health Alert #13

What chemical, when ingested, makes you age faster?

To reduce wrinkles, brittle bones and more watch these programs, then work to get this matter on the ballot and the chemical out of our water.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Midpeninsula Media Center will broadcast three important programs on fluoridation during the month of April. They will be shown in the evening on April 1, 6, 9, and 13. You can tape the programs or, if you do not have cable, a cassette containing the three programs is available at cost ($35) through FHealthAlert@mindspring.com. You will also be assisting us to raise funds for the campaiagn. Be sure that your friends or family members with health challenges watch at least one of these programs.

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS and Dr. Hirzy, spokesman for the union of 1500 science professionals at Environmental Protection Agency in D.C. reveal why we need to be more skeptical about ingesting fluoride in any amount. Dr. Phyllis Mullinex, former ten-year Chair of Harvard's school of dental research, explains the deleterious effects of low doses of f- on the brain .
13 minutes

Dr. Jonathan Foreman, M.D. who served on nine medical boards, demonstrates with microscopic photos how enzymes, needed by the body to function properly, are destroyed by fluoride in dilutions which are much weaker than what we ingest. This information has been kept from voters since l964 and is key in understanding how fluoride causes health problems.
13 minutes

Who is calling for a moratorium on fluoridation? Includes congressional testimony from EPA union spokesperson, Dr. Bill Hirzy, and Erik Olson with the National Resources Defense Council. Explains the definition and purpose of fluoridation. 29 minutes

As you may know, the National Sierra Club has put the brakes on this practice, as well. But we need your help locally to get this chemical out of our water. Stay tuned to your phone.

Here are the schedules for Channels 27 and 28. Please distribute to your friends and neighbors and especially local dentists and doctors. Should people be subjected to this substance for life through bathing and cooking? Once this environmental pollutant is added to city water, control and choice are taken away from everyone. Palo Alto has been adding fluoride to its water since 1954, Stanford began in the early seventies and Mountain View just recently started.

These decisions can be reversed by a vote of the citizens. Cavities do not increase when fluoridation ends, infact in some cities it decreases.

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