Fluoride Health Alert #4

Water Additives and Supplements never approved by FDA.

As you may recall, we encourage you to copy and send our FHealthAlerts to friends and your doctors. Keeping a file of these documents will also be helpful as you may want to refer back to them. Our first alert told why doctors, unless they have studied independently from the Public Health Service/Health and Human Services/CDC, probably are not aware of the health problems caused by ingesting small quantities of fluoride, an environmental toxin, over a sustained period of time.

We get our information from international sources and from the Union of 1500 Environmental Protection Agency science professionals whose purview is to advise us on the quality (and health effects) of our water and air. Many other sources are used, as well, which tireless volunteer researchers have culled from newspapers, journals, declassified government documents and more. An example is shown below.

The following communication (in abbreviated form) is another reality about which pediatricians are unlikely to be aware. It is a copy of a letter dated 8/14/00 from New Jersey Assemblyman John V. Kelly to U.S.Senator Robert Smith, Environment and Public Works Committee Chair. It seems that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry can produce no scientific evidence showing the safety and effectiveness of fluoride, yet they promote its use. Excerpts follow:

Upon receiving several studies "which suggested an association between fluoridated water and osteosarcoma in young males, I immediately contacted the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and asked them to send me the studies supporting the safety and effectiveness of fluoride supplements. (New Jersey has little fluoridated water. As a result, pediatricians in our state prescribe fluoride supplements -- drops for infants and tablets for children. I was promised the studies, however, they never came. When I pressed the AAPD, they admitted they had no such studies.

"...I was stunned when I was (eventually) advised by the FDA that fluoride supplements were not approved by the FDA (emphasis in original). Incredibly, in fifty years, no one has ever bothered submitting a petition to the FDA to have these products approved!

"At best, fluoride supplements are a waste of precious health care dollars. At worst, they are causing real harm to our infants and children.

"I urge you to hold hearings on this issue. I also urge you to demand that the FDA enforce the law and remove these unapproved products from the market."

Please click below for the complete letter.

The vast majority of Santa Clara County and 38% of San Mateo County are not fluoridated. So pediatricians recommend the use of supplements in these counties, just as in most of New Jersey, based on the recommentdation of the AAPD.

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