FHealthAlert #5:

It's in our food, our wine, our beer...

As annual holidays roll by, you may want to be aware of ways that you can protect your friends and family from excessive fluoride which we know is in food and beverages, including some bottled water. It is the fluoride ion itself which is harmful to the human body in low doses over time, no matter the source. In FHealthAlert #2 we learned that a 1991 government report estimated that adults in fluoridated areas (@ 1mg per liter) ingest an average of 3.9 mg daily yet thyroid functions can be depressed with levels as low as 2.5 mg/day when ingested consistently.

In addition to what we take in from coffee, tea, and homemade foods in which f- water has been used, many prepared foods and beverages have been tested in labs around the country. Here are some of the results which have been forwarded to us by the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. The following are websites that list the fluoride content of foods: (If they won't open up for you, highlight and copy one at a time and paste it into your internet browser.)

Sources of Fluoride Exposure
How Much Fluoride is in a School Lunch?

This from the National Academy of Sciences:
Fluoride Concentrations in Foods

Dietary Fluoride Intake by Children

No wine can be sold in Europe if it contains over 1mg per liter of fluoride. In the U.S. the allowable limits are much higher.

Any food or beverage which is processed in a fluoridated community will contain fluoride. Most chemically grown foods (i.e. non-organic) contain pesticides, and fluoride is added to over 150 pesticides. The residue remains when the food is processed, and even becomes more concentrated. Again, from the NY Coalition, here's the explaination:

"Moms, restaurants or multi-national corporations who slow cook pots of soup, stews, or sauces with fluoridated water, while constantly replenishing the water which has evaporated, can serve their families or customers 5 ppm fluoride and maybe more. As you know, fluoride doesn't dissipate into the air like chlorine but remains in the pot. As more water is added, the good vapors cook off, while the f- ions build up in the food.

"Parents and caregivers who boil their fluoridated water before adding it to powdered or concentrated formula, cereals and to reconstitute frozen condensed juices also put their children at risk of developing fluorosis. Parents need to know this!"

And this from the CDC: http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/phs11.html
"Food cooked in water with added fluorides may also have increased fluoride levels"

Here's the comparative toxicity graph (lead-fluoride-arsenic) which was presented to the Senate subcommittee on Wildlife, Fisheries and Drinking Water (6/29/00) by the union which represents the EPA/1500 science professionals:

Please make a copy of it and show it to three people. Ask them what they think it means. How much f- do they believe they need on a daily basis?

Also, see Fluoride Health Alert #1 for references to declassified government documents and when the Manhattan Project Medical Chief suspected that fluoride was a neurotoxin.

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