FHealthAlert #6

Fluoride is added to over 150 pesticides.

As we work to educate our friends, we can also talk to organic farmers who we see on a weekly basis at the Farmers' Markets. F- has been slipped into the National Organic Standards although California standards still say NO to the following chemicals. Hand the farmer a note to let them know you appreciate it when they omit bone meal (high fluoride content) and Cryolite which contains aluminofluoride (AlF4) from products they use.

Raise your hand, if you think that fluoride is added to pesticides to make the bugs' teeth stronger. Fluoride is not a nutrient, it is more toxic than lead but not quite as toxic as arsenic. When used in pesticides, it is no more inert than lead and arsenic. F- seeks out calcium rich tissues and bones in the bodies of people as well as animals. When bone meal is used on crops, it becomes a health liability to the farmer as well as to the consumer. So be sure to read the ingredient list of organic plant foods. Check at Common Ground in Palo Alto, a truly organic gardening supply store, to see what alternatives they suggest.

Here's a well-referenced article which explains about pesticides and fluoride. It is written by Paul Connett (Ph.D. Chemistry), with research support from his wife. Paul is a co-founder of the International Fluoride Information Network:

Please see below to confirm f-s toxicity level.

If you have Adobe Acrobat, the comparison graph will come up.

There is a a group working in Santa Clara, to get an ordinance designed and passed limiting the usage of pesticides in public schools and play yards, public buildings, parks and more. For information contact Cindy Russell, M.D. (408)730-4355.

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