Fluoride Health Alert #7

From Paul Connett, Ph.D., Chemistry.

Excerpts from BULLETIN #361: On September 13, 2001 the California Assembly voted (74-0) to disband the Dental Board of California. The Senate voted (27-10) in favor of a similar bill (SB 26) earlier in the summer. The governor has now signed the documents transferring authority to the CA Department of Consumer Affairs. Please e.mail or call me if you want the complete bulletin.

For many years the DBC which is controlled by American Dental Association (ADA) has failed to provide consumers with information concerning the health risks of mercury exposure. As a result, many Californians receiving "silver" or amalgam fillings from their dentist have had little idea that approximately half of a silver filling is comprised of mercury - a highly toxic element that has been linked to severe neurological damage and periodontal disease for over 30 years. At risk are both patients and dentists. When some dentists tried to stop the use of mercury themselves, the ADA either expelled them or put pressure on them in other ways. The DBC's reluctance to inform consumers on mercury risks has backfired.

The ADA, has promoted amalgam fillings for over 150 years using the mantra "safe and effective." It has been using the same mantra to support the use of ingested fluoride, for 50 years!

First Do No Harm: In 1993 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the ones who promote nationwide fluoridation, issued a warning for those who are "unusually susceptible to the toxic effects of ingested fluoride." It is a rather long and broad list of people, but the warning has NEVER been put on any utility statement by the cities which fluoridate. One of the first steps to be taken in Palo Alto is to put this warning on every utility statement which is sent out asap. Citizens have the Right to Know as well as the Right to Informed Consent.

We will soon be e.mailing you about an action item. If you currently live in a fluoridated city other than Palo Alto, or in one which your city council, without without presenting updated information to the voters, has voted to go along with the SF Public Utilities Commission to fluoridate all cities on the peninsula, please get in touch with me, as we can help you as well. Portola Valley council voted to go along, but when Woodside addressed the matter, the council said NO. The Menlo Park council has not voted on the matter.

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Further, S.B. 26, instructs the Board to make "protection of the public" its "highest priority," that it must be "paramount" to any other interest.