Fluoride Health Alert #8

Your immediate action needed

Here is an important action. Please read the letter below and send in to Governor Gray Davis at your earliest convenience The letter has already been written for you which you may add to, then e.mail, fax or send in by U.S. mail.

Now that the CA Dental Board has been disbanded by the California State Legislature, see below or Alert # 7, the appointed positions for the new board need to be filled by those dentist who have been fighting the good fight to get mercury out of fillings and fluoride out of our water. David Kennedy, DDS, a third generation dentist, is one of those rare individuals who has stood up to the American Dental Assn bureaucracy on these two issues and has been looking out for the consumers' best interest for over 30 years.

Now he needs your support. With him on the board it will be easier to bring about much needed changes here in Palo Alto, on the peninsula and throughout California. Thanks.

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Please endorse David C. Kennedy, DDS for appointment to the CA Dental Board.
Jeff Green, Executive Director, Citizens for Safe Drinking Water.

Requests for endorsements for other candidates will follow.

Preferred: Brief, hard-copy letters of endorsement in your own words, without mention of mercury or fluoride or any other incendiary topic other than consumer protection, following the general format of the sample below sent by snail mail (proves indisputable physical presence). Please "copy" and "paste" the letter on a new screen or transfer to text, then mail or fax it. Do not click on "forward" as that will create arrows on the left. Thank you


Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax (916) 445-4633

January ___, 2002

Re: Appointment to the California Dental Board

Dear Governor Davis,

It is important that the new board be dedicated to the protection of the consumer and ethical conduct above all other affiliations.

Please appoint David C. Kennedy, DDS, Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, to the California Dental Board. He has been a long time consumer advocate and should be formally recognized for his ability, knowledge and perserverance.

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For those of you who have only seen Dr. Kennedy through one portal of activity or on the 13-minute video, I have included some pertinent information for your review, and to pass on to others.

It is my hope that this reminder of the tremendous personal effort and financial contribution Dr. Kennedy has made throughout the state and the entire nation to correct misinformation and set the record straight for a dental industry that has been co-opted by organized self-interests will stimulate you to take immediate and broad-ranging action rather than just nod in agreement.

If you live in California send in your own personal endorsement, your company's or affiliation's endorsement, and encourage every resident of California you can contact to do the same, making sure you include your City. Contact information is provided below.

If you do not reside in California send this message to everyone who cares about honest representation and encourage them to do the same, asking each of the recipients to encourage Dr. Kennedy's endorsement as described below.

You can make an immediate and measurable difference in the manner in which the California public is protected against unscrupulous practicing dentists; how the individual consumer and forthright practicing dentists are protected against the organized chicanery of the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association; and how vendettas against individuals by local dental societies based on political and economic self-interest can be snuffed by no-nonsense oversight.

How is this possible?
On December 31, 2001, the California Dental Board was disbanded by a Bill enacted by the California State Legislature and signed by Governor Gray Davis. This action was taken due to the previous Board's lack of good-faith compliance with court orders and legislative requirements that the Board truthfully disclose the risks inherent in the use of mercury amalgams and provide an educational brochure for use by dentists in properly informing consumers about what were routinely "disguised" as "silver" fillings.

Seasoned observers testified that the mercury issue was not the only issue of ethics distorted by the previous Board.

Governor Gray Davis has the authority and the task of re-establishing a Dental Board by appointing new members, whose primary responsibilities are for oversight of licensing and enforcement, including compliance with standards of ethics. The previous Board consisted of 8 dentist members, 4 consumer representatives, and one member each representing hygienists and dental assistants.

The new Executive Director will be appointed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, which played a prominent role in the disbandment of the previous Board.

Credentials and unique insights that qualify Dr. Kennedy for Board Member With a father and grandfather as dentists and more than 25 years of private practice in San Diego with a focus on toxic-free dentistry, Dr. Kennedy has had a lifetime of exposure to dental issues; however unlike many professionals, his experiences have not been limited to mere repetition of daily grinding.

Although he may be most recognizable to you as the Past-President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which was formed to review, support, and disseminate research on the suitability of materials and methodologies used in the dental practice, his public service and demand for excellence from the dental community did not start or stop there.

He saw first hand the inadequacies of access to dental care for low-income communities and co-founded and became Director of the Chicano Children Dental Health Center in San Diego in 1975;

He recognized the inadequacies of dental consumer information and founded of the Preventive Dental Health Association, a California Non-profit Educational Corporation in 1984;

He ultimately authored How to Save Your Teeth with Toxic-free Preventive Dentistry, commonly available through health food stores, with all proceeds going to further consumer education;

He recognized the inadequacies of the dissemination of factual information concerning materials used in the dental office and began lecturing internationally on the effects of mercury exposure to dental staff in 1987;

He recognized the same inadequacies by dental associations in dissemination of information on the effectiveness and safety of fluoride, and invested a lifetime of savings, extensive travel, and thousands of hours to disseminate scientific documentation; assisting citizens in other communities throughout the nation to clarify the facts and affect public policy by showing that well-informed dentists did not support indiscriminate mass medication that would cause harm to even one child.

He has attended conferences in 27 countries, making featured presentations on issues pertaining to biocompatable restorations, toxic exposures in the dental office,mercury, fluoride/fluoridation, microorganisms associated with periodontal disease, and non-surgicle periodontal care;

Dr. Kennedy recently returned from Shenyang, China where he was invited to speak at the Pan-Asian Pacific Conference on Fluoride and Arsenic Research. Dr. Kennedy visited villages in Inner Mongolia where he witnessed the conditions that now produce 43 million children with dental fluorosis, 1.6 million Chinese with severe skeletal fluorosis and an at-risk population in the endemic areas of 100 million, roughly 9% of the entire country.

Dr. Kennedy and his wife, hosted by the China Medical University and the People's Republic of China Department of Endemic Disease Control, produced a documentary film titled "Crippling Waters" on the problems of excess fluoride in drinking waters of China and their efforts to reduce the fluoride intake. This documentary has been viewed all over the world at scientific conferences both in Europe and Asia. It premiered at the
Defluoridation Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November 2000 where Dr. Kennedy was the keynote speaker, and was widely acclaimed by the participants as accurate, dramatic and revealing.