Fluoride Health Alert #9

Does ingested f- reduce cavities?

Now to address the reason this chemical was voted into our water...the belief that it reduces cavities. There are several charts in the URL below, one created by the Center for Disease Control (1999) one from the World Health Organization Notice how the cavity rate declines much faster in non-fluoridated countries than it does in the U.S. where we have fluoridated 62% of our population.

This URL has a chart from the CDC for the decline in US cavities.

If just 20 of you send this e.mail to Joe Simitian and Jackie Speier, two legislators who still support fluoridation, they may stop and read this information. However, if all 200 of you plus a few friends e.mail and call them, I am sure we could get some results. Please use the voicemail to alert them that an important e.mail about the effectiveness of fluoride is waiting for them--then ask them to please read it personally. Thank you.

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