June 16, 1999

Ellie Rudolph, Director
Pennsylvania Chapter Health Alliance International
645 Ninth Street
Oakmont, Pa 15139

Dear Mrs. Rudolph:

I received your recent note, along with the attachments, expressing your interest and concern over the issue of fluoridation of drinking water. I appreciate your providing the enclosures to your note and I realize they represent quite a bit of work on your part. I appreciate receiving information such as yours from my constituents since it makes it much easier for me to understand the issues involved from a broad perspective,

As you are aware, the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, which I am Chairman, has had referred to committee, House Bill 939, which, if enacted, would, in simple terms, establish minimum fluoridation levels for public drinking water.

As you are probably also aware, the fluoridation issue has been on and off the public agenda in Pennsylvania Legislature for many years, now. When I teamed that this bill was referred to my committee, I asked my staff to research the subject and their report to me was that there is no solid scientific or medical evidence to show that fluoridation is of any beneficial help to public health, safety or welfare. As chairman of this committee, it is my policy not to move any legislation from committee that would not result in a positive benefit to public health, safety or welfare.

Accordingly, please be advised that I have no intention now, or in the near future, to have the committee consider House Bill 939 or any other legislation dealing with fluoridation of public drinking water.

I appreciate your taking the time to write and advising me of your interest in this issue. Should you have any additional information that you might feel helpful to myself or my staff, please contact Fred Taylor, Esq., of my staff counsel at (717) 783-3972.

Thank you again,


Arthur D. Hershey, Majority Chairman
Environmental Resources & Energy Committee