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Sunnyvale's fluoridation plans Sunnyvale's plans to fluoridate has made the Northern California Hispanic papers
 Sunnyvale's fluoridation plans hotly contested  Sunnyvale California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, put fluoridation on the November ballot. They're encountering stiff resistance and even censored public input.
 EPA Scientist
Testifies before
U.S. Senate
  Dr. Hirzy, EPA Toxicologist, called for a "moratorium on fluoridation" as he testified before the U.S. Senate on June 29, 2000 about the dangers of water fluoridation
 San Francisco County Supervisor calls for fluoridation review in light of new data.
Lawsuit Update The lawsuit against the fluoridation efforts in Mtn. View is now in the Northern California Appellate Court. (May 2000)
Fluoride Rejected Frostburg, MD, March 22 - Frostburg’s town council flushed a movement to fluoridate the city’s drinking water down the drain.
Gerber Press
Gerber Announces Baby Toothpaste Without Fluoride -"ingredients safe to swallow"
Winfield Kansas Rejects Fluoridation in Favor of Sealants - March '00
Another Rejection Wilmington Mass, a Boston suburb, rejects fluoridation - Feb. '00 Read their Board of Health Report
Hearing Held The first hearing in the lawsuit against Mtn. View California [regarding fluoridation] has been held. (Feb. 29,'00) Here's what the Judge said.
Senes Oak Ridge
RISK Analysis
"Review of the California Oral Health Needs Assessment 1993-94" is now available. Shows flawed fluoridation analysis by California.
Data FLAWED  "City-funded study knocks fluoride data" - San Diego Tribune, Feb '00
"Fluoride Quality Control Act" (AB 1729) legislation introduced in California. (this is a .PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - get a free copy from Adobe)
 Actual Bill  Text of Bill AB 1729
Ireland - Health Dept. deceptions Dublin Ireland - Health Dept. releases official letter to assure public of fluoride safety. Letter is critically reviewed.
Dentists limited on fluoride statements Effects of ingested fluoride not within the purview of dentistry - California Board of Dental Examiners - Dec. 99
Mtn. View Sued Mountain View Is Sued Over Fluoridation Plan - Dec. 99
Fluoride Rejected Santa Barbara Rejects California's Mandated Fluoridation Nov.'99
Another Rejection Law signed that prohibits putting fluoride in the public water supply in Johnstown New York - Nov '99
Univ. Study
Dartmouth University Study (Sept '99) involving 280,000 children linked fluoridation with high lead levels in children.
Targeted Wells Mtn. View neighborhood water wells identified for fluoridation
Part 1 - Part 2 Canadian Fluoride Authority Switches sides
L.A. sued Citizens file Lawsuit to stop fluoridation of Los Angeles
Cities say NO! California's mandatory fluoridation program is rejected by key cities.
Another WIN Santa Cruz DEFEATS fluoridation
March 2, 1999 - Citizens discovered the truth about fluoridation and voted to permanently keep it out. - 25 of 32 precincts votes against it.
Bremerton Washington DEFEATS fluoridation (Feb. 1999)
 Cities say NO! California's #1 and #4 cities targeted for fluoridation say NO!