Los Altos Hills City Council Rejects Fluoridation

On Thursday, Feburary 1, 2001, the Los Altos Hills City Council approved a motion objecting to any possible fluoridation of their water supply.

The San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) is responsible for supplying the San Francisco Bay Area, approx (10 million people) with water. With the exception of San Francisco, who has fluoridated water, the rest of the water they supply is fluoride free.

The SFPUC is considering fluoridating their entire water supply and is asking individual cities is they would have a problem accepting fluoridated water.

California law states that cities are required to fluoridate when they receive funds from either the government or third parties. (We contest this particular interpretation of the law but this is as the fluoridationts understand it.) The San Francisco Bay Area has been and continues to be a hot bed of opposition to fluoridationists. We're causing them to spend lots of resources in a city by city battle forcing them to justify it at every step.

If the fluoridationists are able to fluoridate the entire water supply, then cities would be able to avoid a political hot potato.