Ralph Nader on Water Fluoridation

Ralph Nader, America's Consumer Advocate was speaking at a meeting sponsored by the Graduate Students Association at the University of California's Santa Cruz campus. He responded to a question as to whether he believed fluoride should be added to water.

"I don't think there's enough research done to justify it [water fluoridation] at all. I think there may be some people susceptible to it. A Doctor's dissertation just came out of Cal Tech that throus skeptcism on even whether it's that much of a cavity preventer. And there's not been much research done in the last 20 years on any potential side effects."

"The classic question that still remains unanswered: What is the [San Francisco] Bay Area population's total fluoride intake? It isn't just what you put in the water, it's what the total fluoride intake is."

In an interview in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Ralph Nader said; 

"The Public Health Service unfortunately has locked itself into a position where it has made this statement on the record that there is absolutely no hazard to fluoridating public water supplies..

Once the Public Health Service has gone on record, it could never be proved wrong, what would people think about the Public Health Service in all the other things they are doing? It's a very pathetic situation, unfortunately."