Should Natick, Mass. Artificially Fluoridate their Water Supply?

This was a question the City of Natick Massachusetts recently asked in 1997. With so much apparently conflicting data, often from the same medical organizations, they commissioned a respected team of top scientists to analyze the data and make a recommendation. The following are their conclusions and specific recommendations.

Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations
of the
Natick Fluoridation Study Committee

27 September, 1997

A Report to the Town and the Board of Selectmen
Prepared by the Natick Fluoridation Study Committee
13 E. Central Street
Natick, Massachusetts

Dr. B. J. Gallo, Research Microbiologist, U.S. Army Research
J. Kupperschmidt, Environmental Chemist
Dr. Norman R. Mancuso, former Apollo Program Project Scientist
A. Murray, former U.S. Army Natick Research Labs
Dr. Strauss, Molecular Biologist


This statement of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation specifically addresses the following question of the Board of Selectmen:

On the basis of the documentation provided to you by the proponents and opponents, do you believe that the potential side effects associated with fluoridating Natick's public water supply outweigh the potential benefits?

The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature and made the following findings regarding the benefits and risks of water fluoridation.

The scientific literature supporting these findings is summarized in the full report which also discusses a variety of non-health related concerns that have been raised about water fluoridation

The Committee reached the firm conclusion that the risks of overexposure to fluoride far outweigh any current benefit of water fluoridation.

1. The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee unanimously and emphatically recommends that the town of Natick NOT fluoridate the town water supply.

2. The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee unanimously and emphatically recommends that the Board of Selectmen take appropriate action to ensure that fluoridation of the town water supply does not take place.

Download the entire 91 page report, Natick Report [400k .pdf file]