EPA Scientists show link between fluoride and injuries


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July 27, 1998

Ms. Barewald
Mtn View Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Mtn. View Cal 94040

Dear Ms. Barewald:

Our union is comprised of and represents the scientists, lawyers and other professionals at Headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C.

The union has been interested in the matter of fluoride toxicity as a matter of professional ethics since 1985. At that time, an EPA scientist came to the union complaining that he was being ordered to write a regulation that implied the government thought is was O.K. for citizens to have teeth that looked like they had been chewing on rocks and tar balls. That condition was not to be classified as an adverse health effect, but merely a cosmetic effect, so the government would not be forced to take steps to protect citizens against its likely occurrence. We have been in a fight with our own agency for ethical practice of our professions on this issue ever since.

In 1997, union scientists and lawyers reviewed the toxicity data on fluoride that had been published since 1985, along with the consequences of fluoride exposure as a result of the public policy of mandatory water fluoridation.

The most recent toxicity data demonstrate to us a causative link between fluoride exposures and neurotoxicity (including diminished I.Q. in children, and hyperactivity), genetic damage, bone pathology (including increased rates of hip fracture in fluoridated cities), and cancer (including increased bone cancer in young men), in addition to dental fluorosis.

Furthermore, our review of the studies on the effect of fluoride on dental cavities, including the massive and comprehensive National Oral Health Survey 1986-1987 published by the National Institute of Dental Research and the World Health Organization s Caries for 12-Year Olds by Country/Area , indicates that there is no meaningful reduction in dental cavities resulting from drinking water fluoridation. (An article in the January 16, 1998 issue of The New York Times that addresses the ineffectiveness of water fluoridation in New York City provides the lay person with more current evidence, and is readily accessible on the internet.)

The result of these reviews of recent research findings on fluoride caused our union members to vote unanimously to join forces with California Citizens for Safe Drinking in their effort to stop fluoridation in their state. We note, by the way, that in virtually every community where fluoride is put into the public water supply, citizens themselves have had no say in the matter.

Subsequent to our vote, more information indicating adverse effects has become available, This includes a 1998 publication in Brain Research (Vol. 784) on the toxic effects of low levels of sodium fluoride, as well as low levels of combinations of sodium fluoride and aluminum, on the brain and kidneys; and work done by Dartmouth College Professor Roger Masters, and his research associate Myron Coplan, on the correlation between blood lead levels in children and water fluoridation chemicals. These articles, when taken in conjunction with the publications we considered in 1997, argue strongly for the immediate suspension of all fluoridation of drinking water. To continue the practice in the face of recent findings is an irresponsible gamble, with the intellects of our children as the stakes.

I hope this information will help you, and the citizens of Mountain View with whom you choose to share this information, to make the right decision regarding the safety of your drinking water supply, and help dispel the myth of the beneficial effects of water fluoridation on your health. If I can be of further service, please don 't hesitate to call me.


J. William Hirzy, Ph.D.
Senior Vice-President