The following is a compilation of some of the most compelling information against fluoridation. The materials are grouped into six categories: Government Reports, Scientist's Position Papers, Medical Journals, Government Agency Documents, National Organizations - Environmental, Political and Media and Miscellaneous.

Pick and choose which ones are most appropriate based on the audience and the time you have to present. Each document is downloadable as a .PDF file.

Government Reports
These are specific studies on fluoridation analyzing a variety of issues. Findings of individual facts by Government Agencies can be found in the Government Agency section.

A partial list includes the following: Natick, York, Ontario, Wilmington Board of Health, Human Rights and Fluoridation, Calif Needs Assessment and others.
Government and Industry Reports

Scientist's Position Papers
14 Nobel Prize winners opposing fluoridation
EPA professionals discuss why they oppose fluoridation.
Dr. Colquhoun, former Principal Dental Officer for Auckland New Zealand and former advocate of fluoridation documents why he changed his mind.
Dr. Hardy Limeback, Head of the University of Toronto's School of Preventive Dentistry and former fluoridation advocate documents his reasoning for now opposing fluoridation.
Dr. Mullinix - discusses research she's done demonstrating the negative health impact of fluoridation
List of Top Medical Professionals and Scientists Warning of Fluoridation Dangers
List of Doctors and Dentists objecting to water fluoridation

From Medical Journals
AMA Letter - AMA states "not prepared to state fluoride is safe"
Journal American Medical Assoc. - "Hip Fractures increased in areas with fluoridated water"
Journal American Dental Assoc (JADA) - "optimal intake has yet to be determined"
Amer. Journal of Epidemiology - "fluoride damages bones at levels added to public drinking water"
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health - "five major epidemiological studies show a high rate of hip fractures in fluoridated regions.
Dartmouth College -"fluoridation is associated with an increase of lead levels in children" - 280,000 children in the study.
Canadian Dental Association warning that 35-60% of people in fluoridated communities will get fluorosis.
Susceptible Populations who are sensitive to the effects of fluoride
Annals of Allergy - study showing allergies to fluoride.
Delta Dental, a large California insurance company promotes and funds fluoridation but refuses to pay for dental work due to fluoridation damage.

From Government Agencies
World Health Organization (WHO) - "Public health administrators should be aware of the total fluoride exposure before introducing any additional fluoride"
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) - letter stating there are no federal fluoridation safety standards
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) - "FDA calls fluoride an unapproved drug" - "no research done on fluoride safety"
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - call fluoride "a drinking water contaminant"
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - "no federal safety standards for fluoride"
US Environmental Protection Agency Toxicologist call for moratorium on fluoridation.
NDRC (National Resource Defense Council) reveals EPA data linking arsenic in drinking water to specific cancer risks.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA) Report fluoride's negative effects on Salmon
State of Nevada law regulating Sodium Fluoride, calling it a pesticide.
State of California law regulating fluorides, classifying them as "hazardous waste"
California Board of Dental Examiners - "Dentists cannot provide a medical opinion regarding the safety of ingested fluoride"
Surgeon General Report - Oral Health in America - "..80 percent of Medicaid eligible kids don't receive dental care because few dentists take Medicaid."
California Law mandating optional topical fluoride treatments in schools
Court Opinions - summaries of the 3 trial Judges opinion of fluoridation after evidence was introduced at trial.
Pace Environmental Law Review - Fluoridation of Public Water Systems: Valid Exercise of State Police Power or Constitutional Violation? - Douglas Balog 1997

National Organizations - Environmental, Political and Media
Newsweek Article - "fluoride may be linked to cancer"
Wall St. Journal - article citing Center for Disesase Control - "Children may already have too much fluoride.."
Sierra Club National Position on fluoridation
Sierra Club letter to the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) opposing fluoridation
Sierra Club, Pennsylvania Chapter, official position opposing fluoridation
Bay Area Action SFPUC letter, a San Francisco Bay environmental group letter to the SFPUC opposing fluoridation
Bay Area Action letter - Official position opposing fluoridation
National PTA (Parents Teachers Assoc) position on fluoridation including concerns about total exposure
Ralph Nader, Green Party Presidential Candidate opposes fluoridation
Green Party Chapters explain opposition to fluoridation
Ireland's second largest political party, Fine Gael promises to ban fluoride in drinking water.
Actual stories of how children were hurt due to fluoridation. Pictures of fluorosis.

Fluoridation Chemical Analysis
Cominco - a manufacturer of fluoride identifies heavy metal content of hydrofluosilicic acid
NSF International, a water standards organization, discusses the amounts of lead and arsenic in water.
Toxicity comparison of fluoride, arsenic & lead
Laboratory analysis of fluoride content in foods and beverages
Water Chemical Codex - identifies fluoridation chemicals as containing lead and arsenic.
Sodium fluoride manufacturer's data sheet

Smoking was once recommended by dentists - DDT was also consider safe - both in the 1950's
Fluoride Overdose - Graphic example of Coke, Wheaties & milk showing a 136% overdose of the recommended daily fluoride intake amount
Protest photos from a demonstration in downtown Palo Alto California
List of Cities Rejecting Fluoridation