How Much Fluoride is in a School Lunch?

The following food items were obtained from an elementary school cafeteria Mountain View California on Dec. 1, 1998 and sent to a laboratory for an analysis of their fluoride content.

Here are the results for the school lunch. Please keep in mind that Mtn. View has NEVER been fluoridated. Let's see how much fluoride our children get from the foods they eat.

Remember, the dentists recommended Total Daily Amount or "optimim dose" is 1.0 PPM. Anymore than that can result in adverse dental and health issues.

To use the chart, simply pick your food and add the dosages to see how much fluoride your child would receive from a typical lunch. For example, if they chose turkey & mashed potatoes, they would receive .21 or 21% of their recommended Total Daily Amount. Have a Coke with it and they'd receive .35+.21 or 56% of your child's recommended Total Daily Amount. This is provided they ate or drank nothing else during the day.

 Food Item  Serving


 Fluoride Dose
 Turkey & mashed potatoes

8.5 oz


 Taco Salad

8.5 oz


 Pocket Pizza

6 oz


 Trail Mix (side dish)

6 oz


 Sun Maid raisins

1.5 oz



12 oz


 Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze

12 oz


 Lucern milk 2%

6 oz.


 Minute Maid orange juice

 6.5 oz



Let's look at the amount of fluoride in a glass of fluoridated water and compare it to the to the above chart.

 water (fluoridated) - 1 glass

 8 oz



One glass of fluoridated water with most any other food will send their recommended Total Daily Amount amount through the roof.

Fluoride is everywhere. Even the American Dental Association (ADA) has expressed concern about the dramatic increase in dental fluorosis in children, a sign of chronic fluoride over exposure due to the now constant presence of fluoride in our food, air and water.

Shouldn't the Total Daily Amount be considered prior to fluoridating any community?


Note: The fluoride dose is PPM (parts per million) - which is equivalent to mg/l (milligrams per liter).