The following is an excerpt from the reference work Fluoridation the Great Dilemma by the three respected researchers noted below.

"Most of the following reversible ill effects caused by fluoride were first recognized among aluminum workers in tile 1930's by the Danish health officer Dr. Kaj Roholm. Not all the symptoms are necessarily present at the same time. Their severity and duration (often episodic) depend on a person's age, nutrition status, environments kidney function, amount of fluoride ingested. genetic background, tendency to allergies, and other factors.
To test for fluoride intoxication, the following procedures MUST be rigorously followed. Avoid all fluoridated water (substitute distilled or other nonfluoridated, low-fluoride water), fluorided beverages, fluoride-rich foods (tea, ocean fish, gelatin, skin of chicken, etc.), fluoridated toothpastes, and any other source of environmental fluoride, including cigarette smoke and industrial pollution (see Chapter 19, pages 376-377, above). If symptoms are in fact caused by fluoride, they should diminish markedly within a week and largely disappear within several weeks. If Symptoms persist, consult a physician for possible alternative problems. True Fluoride toxicosis can be reproduced by re-exposure to fluorides from whatever source.

Albert Burgstahler,
Harvard Ph.D.
Prof. of Organic Chemistry

University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

H. Lewis McKinney,
Cornell Ph.D.
Prof. of the History of Science

University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

George. L. Waldbott, Heidelberg M.D. Internationally known authority on environmental diseases

Physician, Warren, Michigan


CAVEAT: The following list contains symptoms that can have other origins even in someone suffering from chronic fluoride poisoning:

  • Chronic fatigue not relieved by extra sleep or rest
  • Headaches
  • Dryness of the throat and excessive water consumption
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Urinary tract irritation
  • Aches and stiffness in muscles/bones (arthritic-like pain)
    In lower back In neck area
    In jaws In arms, shoulders, legs
  • Muscular weakness
  • Muscle spasms (involuntary twitching)
  • Tingling sensations in fingers (especially) and feet
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
    Abdominal pains Blood in stools
    Diarrhea Bloated feeling (gas)
    Constipation Tenderness in stomach area
  • Feeling of nausea (flu-like symptoms)
  • Pinkish-red or bluish-red spots (like bruises, but round or oval) on the skin that fade and clear up in 7-10 days.
  • Skin rash or itching, especially after showers or bathing.
    Mouth sores (also from fluoridated toothpaste)
  • Loss of mental acuity and ability to concentrate
  • Depression
  • Excessive nervousness
  • Dizziness
  • Tendency to lose balance
  • Visual disturbances
    Temporary blind spots in field of vision
    Diminished ability to focus (possible retinal damage)