Friday 26/10/2001

Most dentists would refuse to prescribe for a patient s/he has never met, whose medical history s/he does not know, a substance which is intended to create bodily change; with the advice, take as much as you like but you will take it for the rest of your life, because some children have tooth decay. This is the water fluoridation ethos.

Irish Dentists Opposing Fluoridation is a support group for fellow dental professionals who wish to express their opposition to the practice of mass medicating our drinking water with fluoride.

Our primary aim is to highlight the undemocratic, unethical and unsafe nature of fluoridation in Ireland. As dentists, we have to lead the way in reducing the public’s exposure to this toxic chemical. A chemical which, the Irish Medicines Board declares is not registered as a medicine, is unlicensed and has never been proved safe or effective for use on humans.

We are opposed to water fluoridation for the following reasons:

1.      Infringement of our human rights.
Fluoridation is compulsory. There is no freedom to choose with this form of medication. The Irish government has never requested the free informed consent of the population to give them fluoride in their water supply. This is contrary to the Council of Europe’s ‘Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine’ (1997).

2.      Dental Fluorosis.
Dental fluorosis is tooth damage caused by swallowing fluoride. Current estimates, of dental fluorosis, state that between 24-50% of all Irish children and teenagers have some form of this condition.

3.      Health damage.
There are numerous international scientific studies linking fluoride/fluoridation with serious health conditions such as hip fractures, cancer, osteoporosis, thyroid dysfunction, neurological impairment and irritable bowel syndrome.

We will be delivering a letter to the Dail, signed by fifteen dentists, demanding an immediate end to water fluoridation in Ireland. We will also be outlining our legal options and providing information on our new website. Refreshments provided.

For further information please contact Dr. Don Mac Auley 046 21203 or mail