Consumers Union

The following is a letter from the consumer watchdog group, Consumer Union, to Michael Easley, a spokesman for water fluoridation. He's supported by the American Dental Association and often travels across the country to promote fluoridation.

As you can read, Mr. Easley doesn't mind deceiving people about fluoridation by referring to outdated information which is no longer even supported by Consumers Union.

Water fluoridation is a religion to some zealots. Any disagreement is heresy and like the infamous Salem Witch trials, demands burning at the stake.

Do you trust the opinion of those who value only their opinion?

To: Dr. Michael W. Easley, Director
University at Buffalo, SUNY
School of Dental Medicine
315 Squire Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214

Dr. Easley:

Your web site is copyrighted and you indicate that "all rights are reserved." Why can't you respect our rights? We have asked you numerous times to cease and desist using any reference to Consumers Union and Consumer Reports and our 1978 article on fluoridation. As you are well aware, that is now 22 years old. I would hardly call that current.

Given the new research that is conducted by others - and not CU - we cannot state that we continue to stand behind that determination of 22 years ago. Furthermore, we do not permit our material EVER to be used for political purpose or for business purpose. This is a lot of both.

You are well aware our policies. Furthermore, in the State of New York, it is against the law (Under 2397 of the New York State General Business Law, the use of the names or identities of nonprofit organizations for advertising or trade purposes is strictly prohibited without obtaining prior written consent. Indeed, CU is a nonprofit organization.) to use our name without our permission. We have denied permission and we have also asked you nicely to stop using this quote.

You have chosen not to listen and respect our rights and I have no further choice but to forward this to our attorney for action.

Wendy Wintman
Copyright Manager
Consumers Union of U.S., Inc.
101 Truman Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703-1057